STEAM Curriculum Support

Spend less time building, designing, and printing curriculum tools and more time in hands-on learning! K12 Tech provides teachers and administrators full STEAM curriculum support from design to implementation.

Create Your Perfect Classroom!

Open the door to inquiry-based learning and help students connect and engage with STEM from wherever they are.

The key to students’ success is not only to learn science, technology, engineering, and math but also to understand how those disciplines apply to the world around them.

We have compiled solutions and resources to help you easily and effectively bring STEM learning to your classroom.

We offer the most robust integrated STEM solutions. Each product comes with MyStemKits, hundreds of standards-driven K12 STEM lesson plans that are easy to integrate in your lesson plans. The system is so integrated, you can easily drag a 3D print image on the Mimio interactive screen to the Robo 3D printer and immediately start printing a 3D object to pass around the class.

Create Your Perfect Classroom!

The Mimio Connected Classroom empowers teachers and students to go beyond the traditional.

Choose from our suite of solutions designed for a holistic approach to teaching and learning. Explore what the classroom can be through customizable plug-and-play technologies, award-winning course designs, and data-driven assessments.

Better Communications Means Better Results

• Build Successful Schools

Our audio, video, and communication solutions help create successful schools by streamlining notifications and announcements.

• Easily Manage Communication

Manage all of your systems with our network-based platform including intercom, paging, bells, mass notification, classroom sound, lesson sharing, and AV control.

• Amplify Content for Better Understanding

Every student will have the acoustical advantage associated with close proximity to the teacher.


Customized Options

No two schools are the same. So we don’t offer cookie-cutter curriculum services. At K12 Tech, our experienced and dedicated team will work directly with your faculty and administration to find the most appropriate options for your school.

We partner with schools to ensure their student body has access to customized and cutting-edge STEAM curricula. Every student, regardless of grade, deserves the opportunity to enjoy challenging and engaging projects. However, we understand the investment it takes to develop a new curriculum—in both time and financial resources. That is why we strive to find customizable and affordable solutions to ensure all students have access to STEAM learning.

At K12 Tech, our goal is to ensure every school has the resources they need to support their students. We offer support from curriculum development all the way through to implementation. Whether you have an existing STEAM program that needs to be updated with the latest technology or your school wants to integrate a brand-new STEAM curriculum, we have the services and resources to make it happen. Our team will work with your school to help make your new STEAM program a success. Call us today to learn how we can help.

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