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Don’t let Wi-Fi trouble or slow networking interfere with your primary mission—educating the next generation. At K12 Tech, we offer cutting-edge networking solutions for schools nationwide.


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Forget the days of slow connections, spotty service, and dropped connections. K12 Tech will transform your networking services so you can focus on more important tasks. We rely on the latest advancements to ensure every school is equipped with what they need to succeed.

We work with schools nationally, from elementary to high school, to help design and install the highest quality networking solutions. Our experienced team will work with your school or district to determine your unique needs and suggest customized products and services.

At K12 Tech, we specialize in cutting-edge networking products and services, from PA systems and bells to phones and even highspeed Fiber right to the classroom. Whether you need an updated Wi-Fi network or want to offer your entire team high-speed capabilities, we are here to help. Another benefit of upgrading your existing system is your students get an improved learning experience. The ability to rapidly connect to Google Classroom or educational websites or connect a 3D printer to the school network transforms the educational environment. Your students and faculty will have the tools they need to succeed. Allow us to help you upgrade your networks with minimal costs, funded up to 80% through the eRate program.

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Trust K12 Tech to provide the best networking solutions in the industry, delivered with unbeatable customer support.



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Our solutions range from IT and security to office equipment and curriculum.



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