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When you partner with K12 Tech, you can get all the equipment you need to operate your school seamlessly and keep your students and faculty safe.

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Centegix Solutions

Centegix solutions contribute to school safety by:

  1. Streamlining student and staff identification processes in facilities and on campus through automation.
  2. Facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements in a simplified manner.
  3. Improving school communication, staff and student safety, and fleet management.
  4. Automating attendance procedures, enforcing policies, and simplifying reporting for administrative efficiency.
  5. Monitoring high-value mobile assets to maximize utilization and prevent loss or theft.
  6. Efficiently tracking visitors and access to enhance overall security measures.

K12 Solutions

Our Systems.

Vape Detectors

Controlled Entry


Unified Communications

Protect Your Schools

Protect Your Schools. Empower Your Educators with School Safety Solutions for Rapid Incident Response. School emergencies happen, and when they do, every second matters. Give your educators peace of mind about their safety so they can focus on what matters most—creating prosperous learning environments. Rapid Incident response safety solutions for emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. Visitor Management, Enhanced Visitor Management with Locating and more. Download below for more information!


Stop Vaping In School With Vape Detectors


Keep Kids Safe With Controlled Entry


High Definition and Well Placed Surveillance.

Safer Schools

Together with our customers we keep schools safe and healthy.

We are your school safety and production system experts.

At K12 Tech, we have a team of highly trained safety experts with over 15 years of industry experience. We understand what schools need to be successful in their day-to-day operations and the best ways to protect their students.

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Faculty Solutions

Phone and Security Systems

Give your faculty the necessary resources and tools so they can focus on their top priority—educating and keeping students safe.

We offer complete phone and security systems that are fully integrated, easy to use, and affordable. Our partner, Computer Zen, makes award-winning Unified Communications solutions. These products allow us to install fully customizable phone and communications solutions for your school or district’s unique needs.

Our solutions include, voicemail-to-email capabilities, handy mobility features and so much more. We will customize any service to suit the size and needs of your school.


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Our industry-leading solutions offer faculty, administrators, and students peace of mind.

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